Behind the mask

In the time I’m not behind my camera, I’m spending my time mostly between the goalposts of Floorball Thurgau’s NLB team or lifting weights the gym. The position as goaltender always fascinated me, so I never needed to be “pushed” in the goal. My big goal is always to improve my game and push myself to the limit.

After starting my career for 12 years beeing a junior from E-junior to U21 level at UHC Uster i changed my club to GC for 1 season. After that, I finished my last junior-year with the U21 of my current club Floorball Thurgau. After getting up in the first team of Thurgau in the NLB, we reached the promotion-games for the NLA twice in the season 2016/2017 and 2015/2016. After the 2016/2017 season i accepted an offer from Örnskölsvik IBK (SWE) witch endet due to an torn achilles and forced me to get back home before the adventure really started. After one year of rehab, I got back to Floorball Thurgau and looking forward for the best result possible for 2018/2019.